Rabeya Khatoon | Manarah
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3D printing, Product design
About This Project

 Manarah   منارة

Miniature lighthouse for devotion 

Manarah (منارة) translates to a minaret and a lighthouse in Arabic. Minarets are symbolic tower structures in Islamic architecture, that is always connected to a mosque. From this tower, the Muslims are called to prayer five times every day by a crier (Muezzin). Lighthouses symbolize the way forward to help in navigating rough paths. These towers are known as the conveyer of safety and security in the face of adversity and challenge. The significances and features of minarets and lighthouse overlap with each other. The series of Manarah lamps translates these significances of minarets and lighthouse by combining the forms and structures into lamps. Theoretically, the colors, patterns and the passage of light in these lamps emphasize the connection between a minaret and lighthouse to call for prayer.