Rabeya Khatoon | Where is home?
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Bachelor's thesis (BFA), Graphic Design, Photography
About This Project
Where is “Home”? An exploration of ‘belonging’ as an expat.
Expatriates choose to uproot from one place to another for employment opportunities, a better quality of life, family obligations and many other reasons. The decision to leave “home” results in new contextual situations where they are compelled to adapt to new cultures and build a relationship with a foreign land. What parts of culture, objects, customs, and beliefs are being exchanged amongst us? The question of “where is home?” has a strong personal connection to me, my family, many of my friends and people living overseas. As a third culture kid, I grew up in a place away from home for two decades, and yet this is home. This thesis investigates the dichotomy of home and a sense of belonging from the outlook of expats. By combining photography, typography, and narrativity I intend to create a sense of empathy and understanding of home from different perspectives.